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Play Online Sic Bo for Real Money

Updated on: January 23rd, 2024

Play online sic bo for moneySic Bo is a well-liked dice game that originated in ancient China and has become widely popular in contemporary casinos across the globe. The term Sic Bo translates to “valuable dice,” capturing the thrill and unpredictability this game offers. It is a game of luck where players wager on the result of a roll involving three dice.

Before you play Sic Bo online for money, there are certain basics that you need to master. We recommend starting out with a Sic Bo simulator, which mimics a real casino where you can play for free. We’ve compiled a detailed guide on how to play Sic Bo at your pace, understanding the payout odds and rules of the three dice game.

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Learn How to Play Sic Bo Online

Live Dealer Sic Bo GamesEven experienced gamblers may require a quick review on the rules of playing table games online. As various software developers offer diverse versions of Sic Bo with distinct visuals, having a grasp on the fundamentals will prevent you from feeling daunted by the table arrangement and the multitude of betting options.

Sic Bo is commonly played using three regular six-sided dice. The aim is to anticipate the result of the dice roll, which can produce different combinations. Here’s a step-by-step guide into how you play Sic Bo online:

1.     Placing Bets

Players place bets on a variety of possible outcomes using the Sic Bo table layout. Common bets include predicting the total sum of the three dice, specific triple numbers, specific doubles, and more.

2.     Rolling the Dice

After making the bets, the dealer shakes a container with three dice. In the case of online play, the dice are housed within a cylinder that is responsible for shaking them until they eventually come to a halt. The final result is determined by the specific numerical combination displayed on the dice once they have settled.

3.     Winning and Payouts

The amount of money you win is calculated according to the likelihood of the result you picked. Various wagers have varying chances of winning, so it’s important to grasp the payout system.

Sic Bo Betting Options Explained

Understanding which bets to place in a game of Sic Bo involves knowing the payout odds and the house edge. Check out the most common bets and probability of winning:

Small and Big Bets

  • Small Bet: Predicting the total sum of the dice will be between 4 and 10 (excluding triples).
  • Big Bet: Predicting the total sum will be between 11 and 17 (excluding triples).

Specific Triple

Betting on a specific triple number (e.g., three 4s).

Any Triple

Betting that all three dice will show the same number, regardless of the value. The payout on Sic Bo triple bets is 24:1.

Double Bets

Betting that two out of the three dice will show a specific number (e.g., two 5s). When the dice land on this scenario, the payout is 8:1.

Combination Bets

Betting on specific combinations of two numbers appearing on the three dice. If your prediction is successful on this bet, it pays 5:1.

Single Number Bets

Betting on a specific number appearing on anyone, two, or all three dice. If your prediction wins, your payout will depend on how many times the single number bet appeared. You’ll get 1:1 pay if your chosen number appears only on one dice, or 2:1 if it the outcome is on two dice, and 3:1 if it appears on all three dice.

Sic Bo Table Game Layout

Sic Bo Strategies and Tips for Beginners:

Our experts have collated a

  • Understand the Odds: Familiarize yourself with the odds and payouts for each type of bet.
  • Start with Small and Big Bets: Small and Big bets have relatively even odds, making them suitable for beginners.
  • Manage Your Bankroll: Set a budget and stick to it. Sic Bo is a game of chance, and it’s crucial to gamble responsibly.
  • Experiment with Different Bets: Try various bets to find your preferred playing style, but be aware of the associated risks.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up with Sic Bo news, trends, and strategies to enhance your understanding of the game.


Playing Sic Bo for Money vs Playing for Free

Playing Sic Bo can be an exhilarating experience, and whether you choose to play for real money or opt for free play can significantly impact your gaming approach. Here’s a breakdown of the key differences between playing Sic Bo for money and playing for free:


Playing Sic Bo for Real MoneyPlaying Sic Bo Free Games

Risk and Reward

In real money Sic Bo, the stakes are higher, and the potential rewards are tangible. Winning bets lead to actual cash payouts, making each roll of the dice more thrilling.Free online Sic Bo provides a risk-free environment for players to learn the game, test strategies, and understand the rules without financial consequences.
The risk is inherent, and losses can affect your bankroll.While the excitement is present, the lack of real stakes may diminish the intensity compared to playing for money.

Learning and Skill Development

Real-money Sic Bo encourages players to learn quickly and adapt their strategies based on actual outcomes. The pressure of potential financial gains or losses can accelerate the learning curve.Free Sic Bo serves as an educational tool, allowing players to familiarize themselves with the game mechanics, rules, and various bets without the stress of losing money. It’s an ideal environment for beginners to hone their skills.

Strategy Testing

Real money games push players to refine their strategies under the pressure of financial consequences. Successfully implementing and adjusting strategies can lead to more consistent wins.Free play enables players to experiment with different betting strategies, observe patterns, and identify what works best for them. This risk-free environment encourages strategic exploration.

Entertainment Value

The potential for monetary gains adds an extra layer of excitement and entertainment to each Sic Bo session. Real money play often intensifies the thrill and engagement.While free online Sic Bo may lack monetary rewards, it provides an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere for casual gaming. It’s an excellent option for those looking to have fun without the pressure of financial consequences.


Online Sic Bo FAQs

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